Clear Aligner

Clear Aligner


Clear aligner has been developed especially for treating adults and allows aligning your teeth in a smooth way – without clasps, screws, or brackets. Instead of metal elements, you’ll be wearing a biocompatible resin splint, almost unnoticed by your surroundings. The splint can be taken out and cleaned easily at any time.

It can be used to solve a minor tooth movement case and orthodontic relapse problems after treatment. It is a simple and low-cost appliance that can be used by both orthodontists and general dentists. It works quickly and is comfortable for most patients. The clear aligner uses plastic sheets of various thickness levels. Plastic sheets are used with a vacuum former. A set-up model is used with the progressive movement of the teeth, which are positioned to an ideal position. It should get replaced every three weeks with a replacement impression taken at each visit. The clear aligner can perform minor tooth movement with no brackets bonded to the teeth. Minor tooth movement including crowding resolution, space closure, arch expansion/constriction, relapsed cases, intrusion/extrusion, eruption guidance, and detailing could be done by the clear aligner.

“The aligner can move the teeth easily without braces. Because it is transparent, easy to wear, and removable, patients of all ages can use it, especially if they want an esthetic orthodontic treatment option.”


Since the aligner is fabricated from the working cast in each visit, it is readily available to change the treatment plan throughout the course of the treatment if the desired tooth movement is not achieved.

Your orthodontist will fabricate your clear aligner splint individually. During the treatment, the splint will be exchanged several times, guaranteeing that each splint will be adjusted to your individual treatment progress and that your teeth are corrected smoothly step by step. Your benefit: An extraordinary comfortable way of aligning your teeth and optimal treatment results at the same time.