Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening


The best completing factor of a natural and beautiful face is pearl white teeth. In our daily life we sometimes neglect to brush, eating habits vary, things we drink have sating agents in them and we might be a smoker. Because of these factors, the teeth become discolored, stained and the tooth loses its white properties. With teeth whitening procedures done in the clinic, this whiteness can be regained.

Teeth Whitening With Laser

Equipment used: Philips Zoom Whitespeed

Philips white speed. With its adjustable light settings offers the patient a comfortable whitening experience. Research has shown 99% of patients treated with Philips Zoom Whitespeed show no-minimal signs of sensitivity. Blue light laser technology accompanied by 25% Hydrogen peroxide gel solution offers 55% better results than its competitors. 2 seasons of 15 minutes each is enough for an up to 8 shade change. Its the number one recommended and wanted the brand in the world.

Teeth Whitening Without Laser

Equipment used: Opalescence Boost

Opalescence Boost has its own activator, therefore it does not need a light source to activate. With a 2 session treatment( 20 minutes per session) it gives a 2-4 tone whitening. Sensitivity may occur on teeth applied but this is temporary and will pass in a day at most.

There are products in the Opalescence supply that include potassium nitrate and fluoride that get rid of the sensitivity.

After teeth whitening procedures, when consuming colored foods and beverages, the mouth should be rinsed and brushed if possible. Colorful foods and drinks include tomatoes, blackberries, cherries, ketchup, tomato paste, sauces, and spices used in meals, fruit juices, red wine, coffee, tea.