IPS Emax Crown

IPS Emax Crown


IPS Emax Crown is made from Monolithic Lithium Disilicate ceramic. The Light permeability is very high because the material has glass-like properties. Therefore it is the material that resembles the teeth the most.

In Aesthetic Dentistry this material is generally used for front group teeth and/or maximum 3 crown bridges. Because it is made somewhat out of glass and longer bridges will not carry the load of the empty teeth. It is made from a 1 piece perusable material and manufactured with computer-guided technology using a milling system.

IPS Emax Crown process takes only 3-4 days to complete and is the shortest and best treatment option if viable for the patient.


IPS Emax Crown offers a cosmetic solution for the correction of following esthetic defects:


Stained Teeth – say goodbye to your stained teeth with the Emax crowns and veneers. These all-porcelain prostheses are highly translucent and possess excellent fracture and chipping resistance.

Crooked Teeth – Emax crowns can also be used to restore the structure and shape of crooked teeth, especially in the anterior region.

Root Canal Treated Teeth – Teeth on which a root canal procedure has been performed, tend to become brittle and fragile. Emax crowns offer an excellent blend of esthetics as well as strength for restoring such teeth.

Fractured Teeth – teeth that get fractured either due to extensive cavities or trauma, can also be restored with Emax crowns.